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Latest News

Featured  Challenge 50 Shades Of Paint Challenge

Oct 05 2014 11:33 AM | Gardenof in Contests & Challenges

Meet Autumn O'Hara, She is a prolific author of children's books & young adult fantasy romance, she also illustrates her children's books as well. But she does have a problem with the paparazzi, hanging around at the front of her house, loo...

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thesims3 Tabitha Witch

Dec 15 2014 08:05 AM | SimonettaC in Sims 3 Downloads

She is much older than she looks, and is part Goblin, part witch. Her ruby red eyes can bewitch you. She loves money more than anything in the world and will stop at nothing to get it.

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thesims3 Krummy Clown

Dec 15 2014 08:00 AM | SimonettaC in Sims 3 Downloads

Krummy is a very bad clown. He does not like children at all. He has no sense of humour and is quite crazy really.

Get Download    0 comments    -----    thesims3, simonettac, clown and 7 more...

Sims 4 150 Main Street

Oct 28 2014 12:11 PM | Mireluk in Sims 4 Downloads

Here is my first Sims 4 house that hope you like.It's a remake of Don Lothario's house from Sims 2 with a few changes.Enjoy. :)

Get Download    1 comments    *****    Sims 4, Mireluk, House and 1 more...

Sims 4 Plain Wood Wall Siding

Oct 15 2014 10:51 AM | Sailfindragon in Walls

Today I bring you Plain Wood Siding in 8 colour variations. I made these for Sims 2 quite sometime ago, so I thought I would add them to Sims 4, now we can! Each wall is compatible with all 3 wall sizes and naturally is a seamless texture. Hope yo...

Get Download    3 comments    -----    Sims 4, Sailfindragon, Walls and 2 more...

Sims 3 Antique Style Patterns

Oct 04 2014 04:27 PM | Mousiejean in Create A Style

something a little antiqueish

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Sims 4 The Sims 4 UK Launch Giveaway 2

Sep 19 2014 08:24 AM | Sailfindragon in News

With the launch of The Sims 4 on Friday 5th September here in the UK. We thought we would celebrate this awesome release and run a Sims 4 giveaway through the month of September. This is the second and final of the two giveaway's. 2 copies of The...

Read Article    33 comments    *****    Sims 4, Giveaway, UK, Launch and 1 more...

Sims 4 #TheSims4 Premium Edition Twitter Giveaway

Sep 08 2014 04:31 PM | Sailfindragon in News

Starting today we will be running a The Sims 4 Premium Edition Twitter Giveaway. It will run until the 11th September and the winner will be announced on Friday 12th September. To enter and be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize. All...

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Sims 3 215 Sims Lane - The Pleasant's House

Sep 03 2014 09:12 PM | Mireluk in Residential

Today I bring you a Sims 3 version of Pleasant's house that hope you like.

Get Download    4 comments    *****    Sims 3, Mireluk, House and 1 more...